DBP Weight Scale App Reviews

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I stood on my phone and it did not measure my weight. It connects to a Bluetooth scale and does not utilize the phone to take the weight. WHY WAS THERE NO SCALE!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY.

Very helpful and accurate

Works great! I use it all the time when measuring stuff in the kitchen. So much easier to use this instead of wasting cupboard space with a bulky kitchen scale. Highly recommend this app to everyone!

This app turns the frogs gay

So I honestly love the idea of this app because it so dumb it’s obviously not going to work. However I am disappointed that it doesn’t do anything. I thought that it might just make up numbers or something but I can’t make it do anything. Obviously it’s not a scale, duh, you would have to be either dumb or high or something to download it for that? The one super cool thing is that if you turn your phone upside down, the app also turns. But it still does nothing. Haha. I give this five stars.


This app is easily the most useful in the store. I needed to weigh 300 grams of Sodium Chloride for my daily smoothie. Unfortunately, my kitchen scale broke due to the amount of lard I slathered it with. Luckily, this trusty app helped out. I also use it when I’m trading bitcoin. 10/10 ign, would buy again

Are u guys stupid

This is a Bluetooth scale thing look at description

It's literately a picture

Literately 0.0 and a save button . Apple is trash


This app has literally no purpose. I used the app so I could get a quick and easy scale, so I wouldn’t have to pay 30+ dollars for one. I own reptiles, and keep their weight, so I wanted to use this. I was honestly disappointed. And in order to use this app I have to go it and buy a Bluetooth scale? What even is that? Waste of my time, and hopefully not yours.


Needs to be removed from the app store

this app should be removed

theres no point for a app to be on the App Store if it doesnt even work

Saw this in a Drew Gooden video

Saw this in the app video and thought it would be really helpful. The scale itself is very accurate and the built in MMORPG is very fun! Five stars!


This is a very sad app. For iPhone users

Scale app


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I weigh 0! Wow must be all the exercise



Doesn't work


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Seriously don’t download!

I just wanted to scale something and it does not work in the least bit. It doesn’t recognize any weight. If you download it and try it don’t hate me for saying I told you so. I’m hoping you don’t waste your time downloading this.

Wish i could rate 0 stars

Doesn’t work Developers put in as much effort as a potato


App don’t even work, don’t even deserve a star.

Why come up with something that doesn’t work?!!!

Only says 0.0 Kg Save Lame app! No stars!

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t do anything at all! No stars


It doesn’t even work

Weits vrey wel

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Anyone here from drew gooden


This worked so well

I wayed my own wait. I guess j weight 60 kg. I really dont understand metric system... i think u just nede to multiply by two, so i would by 150 american pounds i think

People are dumb

Haha I wanted to download this to see why people would think this would work. When I opened the app, it just gave me “0.00 kg” and a “save” button. Really does absolutely nothing but it’s idea was entertaining

Worked perfectly

I don’t see why these other people are having so much trouble with this app. It always works in a pinch and I even took an actual kg weight to see how accurate it was. Down to the 0.1 great app thanks


Doesn’t work


Do not get


Piece of sht


It don’t work worth a crap

Doesn't work

Doesn't work. All I got was a white screen.


Doesn't work one bit

Rip off

Its crap


Does not work!


Doesn't work !


I'd wouldn't give it any stars because it doesn't work!

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